Station To Station

Paekakariki To Pukerua Bay - Te Araroa Escarpment Track

Station To Station – Te Araroa Escarpment Track

The latest walking track to be opened by Te Araroa in the Wellington Region is the Paekakariki Station To Pukerua Bay Station Escarpment Track.  There are car parks available at both Railway Stations. You can either arrive at the Stations by using Public Transport or using your own transport and parking at one of the stations. There is a 2 hour time limit on parking in Paekakariki Village itself.

From Paekakariki Station car park, walk along the platform to beach road crossing, then beside SH 1 on the footpath until the road overbridge ( approx. 700m ), using the stairs go under the bridge and you are now on the track proper.

The track climbs above the Highway and Railway some 220 metres. There are spectacular views of the coast and on the right day, views of Mt Taranaki and Mt Ruapehu. It’s quickly become one of the highlights of the Te Araroa Trail.

The walk from Station to Station is 10km long and will take approx. four hours. Be aware that it is steep, narrow and exposed, and crosses private property.Please keep to the marked track and DO NOT enter the rail corridor.

There are seats and interesting interpretive signs along the way but no amenities.

Begin the steep ascent via steps and a zig zag path and continue up to the highest point of the track (“the Lookout”), before starting a descent down many steps. You will traverse 2 lovely sections of Kohekohe forest before another steep descent then cross 2 swing-bridges.

The track continues beside private property and the rail corridor. Continue along the closed Muri Station and go through Muri Park and onto Sea Vista Drive, cutting through the walkway to Pukerua Bay Railway Station.


See our stories at the station

explore the station precinct

climb the signal box stairs

view the story panels

visit Kakariki Books

have a cuppa at INPUT Coffee

Paekakariki is

home of Ngati Haumia

a stop on the old coach road

a railway town

a day at the beach

a haven for city workers

a camp for 15000 US Marines

a community of artists and writers

















General Information


public toilets available at INPUT Coffee Shop and Beach Road

if walking Te Araroa Escarpment track it is recommended using public transport or parking your car at Paekakariki Railway  Station car park walking the track and returning by train

Please do not cross the Railway Corridor at any point


Enjoy the village


great food, coffee, pub and cinema

arts and crafts

picnic at the beach

stroll in Queen Elizabeth Park

inspect Steam Locomotives and Carriages at Steam Incorporated











Arts Walk


Paekakariki Station Museum ~ Adjacent to State Highway 1, Paekakariki ~